Discover VANI-T 

Our Story

VANI-T is an Australian natural tanning and cosmetics company and an international success story, founded on the purest natural ingredients in the world. Founded in 2004, the company and its products have been developed with a strong vision, determination and commitment to quality.

In 2004, mother of 3 - Tania Walsh, launched the world’s first natural tanning solution to market. VANI-T was the first company in the world to develop natural tanning formulations that work in harmony with our bodies and the environment over 12 years ago. Today, the range has since been expanded to include a complete range of body and mineral cosmetics.

"Since VANI-T's conception in 2004, I have been dedicated to creating innovative, high demand products that have a real point of difference in image, delivery of results, quality and purity, enriched with natural and organic ingredients and stunning recyclable packaging. This fusion of ethics, luxury and performance is what we call Eco-Glamour."

Tania Walsh
CEO/ Founder

Our Belief

We believe in ECO-GLAMOUR:

  • NO mineral oils
  • NO petrochemicals
  • NO talc
  • NO fillers
  • NO parabens
  • NO artificial fragrances
  • NO harmful preservatives

Our Ingredients

At VANI-T, we believe the very best ingredients come from nature. That’s why we’ve formulated our range of Australian natural cosmetics and tanning with the finest native and natural ingredients from all around the world.

We're committed to delivering the best natural technology in our range to deliver high-performance, natural beauty. Our philosophy was founded on formulating natural products that love our bodies, animals and the environment.